Plan your GREEK Wedding!

For most of the world, weddings are generally considered a big deal. For Greek people, weddings are HUGE. Greek people value tradition and marriage is considered an incredibly sacred institution in which to bring up your family.

Like with any wedding, the usual ‘To Do’ list will apply. This will include choosing a venue, buying a wedding dress, sorting out the groom’s suit, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls, food etc.


However Greek weddings tend to go one step further. There is the phenomenally difficult task of choosing Koumaras and Koumbaras, choosing the right candles for the church, deciding on whether to have a veil or not… The list is never-ending!

Luckily there are several companies out there (world-wide) who deal specifically with everything related to Greek weddings.

So for everything you need to get a Greek Wedding together see our Wedding Business Directory. For more on Greek Wedding Traditions check out Ekaterina’s post here.

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